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More Talks by Mike Young and Jim McColl

95. A Powerful Solution to the Electricity Crisis Crisi, Rural Media Association Luncheon, 22nd May 2017, (Download PowerPoint, 2.11 MB)

94. Ecological economics in one lesson, University of Adelaide, 25 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 0 MB)

93. The Murray-Darling Basin, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, 6 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 5.8 MB)

92. This world's water: Have we got enough?, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, 6 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 6.7 MB)

91. Striking the Balance between Food and Fibre Production and the Environment, OzWater, Adelaide, 10 May 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 2.1 MB)

90. Environmental Policy Water Policy & Water Trading, Victorian Water Industry Association Conf, Melbourne, 5 May 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 2 MB)

89. Water Accounting: An Australian perspective, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, 4 April 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 1.6 MB)

88. Managing water across the full range of stakeholders, International Farm Management Conference, Methuven, New Zealand, 25 March 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 0 MB)

87. Lessons about water trading from across the ditch and elsewhere, 2nd Annual Fresh Water Management Forum, Wellington, 15 February 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 4.5 MB)

86. The Murray-Darling Basin, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, Victor Harbor, 26 November 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 7 MB)

85. This world's water: Have we got enough?, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, Victor Harbor, 26 November 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 6.7 MB)

84. Environmental Water, CEDA Luncheon, Adelaide, 10 November 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.3 MB)

83. Chewing over the CEWH, Water & the MDB Workshop, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 21 - 22 October 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.1 MB)

82. Some ideas for the Basin, Murray-Darling Basin Plan Workshop, ANU, Canberra, 14 -15 October 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 7 MB)

81. Water: A climate change perspective, Workshop, Adelaide, 7 July 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 3 MB)

80. Putting a price on water: Will markets work?, Water and its Interdependencies in the Australian Economy, ATSE International Workshop, Sydney, 22 June 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.5 MB)

79. Environmental Water Management, AARES Workshop, Adelaide, 10 February 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.5 MB)

78. The cutting edge of NRM, NRM Board and Council Induction Conference, Adelaide, 17 May 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.2 MB)

77. Water Futures: Where is the world headed and what is Alberta heading for?, Hot Topics, Alberta Environment, Alberta, 29 April 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 4 MB)

76. Water Reform: How far do we need to go?, 5th Annual Water Symposium, Sydney, 26 February 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 1.6 MB)

75. Securing our Water Supplies, Clever Green Conference, Adelaide, 16 February 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 2.76 MB)

74. Running out of water: What would a robust allocation system look like?, Supreme and Federal Court Judges' Conference, Canberra, 25 January 2010, (Download PowerPoint, 2.1 MB)

73. Water Futures, Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, Newcastle, 3 December 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 3.56 MB)

72. Large Dams: What is their role in a brave, new, greener world?, Australian National Committee on Large Dams Conference, Adelaide, 12 November 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 1.89 MB)

71. Allocating and managing water scarcity in an ever-changing world: Lessons from Australia, International Symposium on Water, Athens, 23 October 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 1.48 MB)

70. Fixing the River Murray: What still needs to be done?, Regional Water Conference, Adelaide, 28 July 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 3.89 MB)

69. Water: What can the irrigation industry learn from Australia?, Irrigation Association Water Conference, Salt Lake City, 31 July 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 1.65 MB)

68. Water for Good, Water Industry Alliance, Adelaide, 21 July 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 4.2 MB)

67. Water Governance Reforms: Lessons from Australia, Conference on New Thinking on Water Governance, NUS Institute of Water Policy, 1-3 July 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 4.6 MB)

66. Barrier Zero, Water Reuse and Recycling Conference, Melbourne, 25 June 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 3.7 MB)

65. There's a hole in my bucket, Dear Liza, Third Tuesday Lecture, Singapore Campus, The University of Adelaide, 19 May 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 4.49 MB)

64. Reconfiguring the River, The 4th Annual Water Symposium, February 2009, Darling Harbour, Sydney, 20th February 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 3.5 MB)

63. Shepherding Water, MDBA Northern Basin Ecological Assets Forum, 10th February 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 0.12 MB)

62. Facilitating and Expediting Adaptation: Learning from Australia, Adaptation to climate change in the desert Southwest, Tucson, Arizona, 23rd January 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 0.45 MB)

61. The Role of the Government and Markets in Water Reform: Learning from Australia, Water Resources Research Centre, University of Arizona, Tucson, 21st January 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 1.82 MB)

60. Water: What can the nut industry learn from Australia?, Peanut and Tree Nut Processor's Convention, Bahamas, 19th January 2009, (Download PowerPoint, 2.17 MB)

59. Water Security and Regional Development in Australia, ARCRNSISS-ANZRSAI Conference, Adelaide, 2nd December 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 2.91 MB)

58. The Role of the Government and Markets in Water Reform, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 28th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 0.8 MB)

57. The Role of the Government and Markets in Water Reform: Learning from Australia, Water, Agriculture and Environment Conference, Lethbridge, Alberta, 27th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 0.8 MB)

56. The business of managing water, CPA Congress, Adelaide, 19th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.45 MB)

55. Where are water markets taking us?, Water trading forum, Monash University, Melbourne, 17th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 0.7 MB)

54. Frontiers in Urban Water Management, SA Parliament Select Committee on SA Water, 14th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 6.72 MB)

53. Water, Some like it hot, Renmark, 6th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.27 MB)

52. Buying Water, Berri Irrigator's Meeting, 5th November 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 2.13 MB)

51. Water, Almond Growers Conference, Barossa Valley, 30th October 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.46 MB)

50. Water Reform: Lessons from Australia, Irrigation NZ Conference and Expo, 14th October 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 1.31 MB)

49. Water Markets: Trading into and out of trouble, MBI Forum, Brisbane, 30th September 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.23 MB)

48. Duty of care: A smarter way of regulating, Duty of Care Workshop, Melbourne, 24th September 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 2.6 MB)

47. Trading into and out of trouble: Australian water allocation & trading experience, Water Markets in Integrated Water Management Conference, Zaragoza, Spain, 29th July 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 0.9 MB)

46. Water economist discusses Murray Darling crisis, Lateline, ABC, 2nd July 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 0.5 MB)

45. Your future: Where is it headed?, Griffith, NSW, 30th June 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.36 MB)

44. Your future: Where is it headed?, Rural Expo, Renmark, SA, 27th June 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.37 MB)

43. Water Policy, What is not being said, Australian Media Science Centre Briefing, Melbourne, 24th July 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.39 MB)

42. Your future: Where is it headed?, VFF Kyabram, 7th June 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.52 MB)

41. Future Proofing the MDB, AARES Symposium, Climate, Water & Adaptive Responses, Adelaide, 22nd May 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.4 MB)

40. Corporate-like buybacks, Extract from Griffith University Lighthouse Lecture on Future proofing the MDB, Brisbane, 2nd June 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 5.25 MB)

39. Non-point pollution control & irrigation: Some Australian experience, Irrigation Technology to Achieve Water Conservation Conference, Zaragoza, Spain, 12-15th May 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 8.56 MB)

38. Effects of Water Markets on Irrigation Technology: Some Australian experience, Irrigation Technology to Achieve Water Conservation Conference, Zaragoza, Spain, 12-15th May 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 8.28 MB)

37. The Murray Darling Basin in Crisis, Catalyst Interview, 1st May, (Download PowerPoint, 2.3 MB)

36. Renewing the River and its Communities, LGA Association AGM, 1st May, (Download PowerPoint, 4.7 MB)

35. Tackling Australia's Water Crisis, 4th Australian Water Summit, 29th April 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.7 MB)

34. A future-proofed MDB, Milang Institute, Milang, 14th April 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.9 MB)

33. An implementation trigger for the MDB?, CEDA Water Forum, Adelaide, 7th April 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.6 MB)

32. A Future-Proofed Murray Darling Basin?, NRM Committee, SA Parliament, 27th February 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.5 MB)

31. A future-proofed MDB, CEDA Luncheon, Sydney & Melbourne, 22-23 February 200, (Download PowerPoint, 4.6 MB)

30. Water fundamentals, AMCHAM Luncheon, 15th February 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.3 MB)

29. Water: Where is your future headed?, NSW Farmer's Federation, Coleambally, 14th February 2008, (Download PowerPoint, 4.9 MB)

28. Water: Where is your future headed?, VFF / Scholefield Robertson Seminar, Mildura, 6 & 7 December 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 5.5 MB)

27. Rural Water Pricing Issues, OECD Expert Meeting on Sustainable Financing for Affordable Water Services: From Theory to Practice, 14-15 November 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 3.96 MB)

26. Water, NSW Country Press Association AGM, 26 October 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 6.69 MB)

25. Audio - Water there's a Hole in the Bucket - opens with wpl, Research Tuesday, 9 October 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 0 MB)

24. Water - there's a hole in the bucket, Research Tuesday Lecture, University of Adelaide, 9 October 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 6 MB)

23. River Murray Water Supply - Where is your future headed?, Water, wine and horticulture: A Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services Seminar, 18 September 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 10 MB)

22. Reducing the cost of water, 3rd Australia-NZ Climate Change and Business Conference Brisbane, 30 August 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 5.01 MB)

21. Australia Talks - "Water Planning", ABC National Radio, FILE OPENS AS AN mp3, 1 August 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 22.7 MB)

20. Water reform and the wine industry: What's different, what matters?, Wine Industry Environment Conference, Adelaide, 2 August 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 4.07 MB)

19. Water market regulation, infrastructure access and governance for the 21st Century, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Conference, 26 July 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 4.81 MB)

18. Briefing on the River Murray, Briefing to SA Bankers, Adelaide, 15 June 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 4.88 MB)

17. Trading out of trouble: Urban water price and trading opportunities, Urban Water Policy Conference, Brisbane, 6-7 June, 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 3.7 MB)

16. Water Science Gaps and Media Messages, 5th World Science Conference of Journalists, Melbourne, 17 April 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 2.9 MB)

15. C21 Water policy opportunities for Canada, University of Calgary - Alberta Canada, 28 March 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 5 MB)

14. Urban Trading & Urban-rural trading: An option for Australia?, Ozwater Conference, Sydney, 7 March 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 2.83 MB)

13. Looking back on Australian Water Policy from 2027, 5th Annual Australian Water Summit, Melbourne, 26 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 2.94 MB)

12. Easing the Flow: Thinking about the River Murray like an Urologist, 2007 Harry Harris Oration, Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Adelaide, 21 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 6.35 MB)

11. Looking back on Australasian water policy from 2027, AARES Conference on "Australasia's Resource-Based Industries in a Future World," Queenstown, NZ, 15 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 2.87 MB)

10. C21 Water policy opportunities for NZ, Presentation to water users and managers at MAF offices in Wellington and Christchurch, 9 & 13 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 3.12 MB)

9. Emission Trading: What would an ideal system look like?, Treasury Seminar, Canberra, 2 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 0.2 MB)

8. Economics of Natural Resource Management, Treasury Seminar, Canberra, 2 February 2007, (Download PowerPoint, 1.26 MB)

7. Managing the MDB in C21, Murray Darling Association, Murray Bridge, 22 December 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 5.9 MB)

6. Rural - Urban Water Inter-Dependence, Delivering the NWI, LWA Conf, Parliament House, Canberra, 4 December 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 4.5 MB)

5. Australia's climate is changing Australia, 2006 Economic and Social Outlook Conference, University of Melbourne, 3 November 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 2.9 MB)

4. Economics of Restricting Rural-Urban Trade, International Water Association, Canberra, 1 September 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 2.85 MB)

3. Without Water, DEH Seminar, 21 June 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 3.4 MB)

2. Water Policy Frontiers, CSIRO Seminar, Adelaide, 21 June 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 3.2 MB)

1. Rapporteur's Summary, IAAE Water Resource Policy Workshop, 12 August 2006, (Download PowerPoint, 2.7 MB)


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