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Water Policy Literature

Key Australian Policy Documents:

  1. Final Report of the Select Committee on the Murray River, South Australian Parliament, July 2001
  2. Water Under Pressure: Australia's man-made water scarcity and how to fix it (PDF 3.5 MB)
  3. ACCC (2006) A regime for the calculation and implementation of exit, access and termination fees charged by irrigation water delivery businesses in the southern Murray–Darling Basin
  4. Water Find Analysis of the Federal Government Buy Back
  5. The Impact of Groundwater Use on Australia's Rivers. Land and Water Australia Technical Report
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Murray Darling Basin Documents:

  1. A hundred years of negotiations with no end in sight – where is the Murray Darling Basin Initiative leading us? Paper presented by John Scanlon to the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Conference on Environmental Practice, Adelaide,September 2006
  2. MDBC Dummies Guide to Accounting
  3. MDBC Dummies Guide to Special Accounting
  4. Managing water resource reliability through water storage markets - Donna Brennan
  5. Implementation of continuous sharing in QLD - Tom Vanderbyl
  6. Missing markets for storage and their implications for spatial water - Donna Brennan
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Water trading:

  1. National Water Initiative - Water Trading Study (PDF 4.4 MB)
  2. Water Market Rules Issues April 2008
  3. Water Scarcity: Does it exist and can price help solve the problem, Jan 2008
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Design of water allocation and trading systems:

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    Water pricing:

    1. National Water Commission (NWC) 'Water Charging Stocktake' - Executive Summary - February 2007 (pdf)
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