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Mike Young

Prof Mike Young
Research Chair

Water Economics and Management
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The University of Adelaide

Jim McColl

Jim McColl
Research Fellow

Policy and Economic Research Unit
CSIRO Land and Water

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Every few weeks we write a droplet that explores an idea about alternative ways that water sources could be managed.
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20. Which is better: The Existing or Proposed Administrative Arrangements for the MDB Basin?

19. Sustainable Diversion Limits: A plan for the Murray-Darling Basin

18. Securing water: What is the best and fairest way to secure water for the environment?

17. Water-security: Should urban water use, like rural water use, be capped?

94. Ecological economics in one lesson, University of Adelaide, 25 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 0 MB)

93. The Murray-Darling Basin, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, 6 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 5.8 MB)

92. This world's water: Have we got enough?, Address to the University of Adelaide Alumni, 6 July 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 6.7 MB)

91. Striking the Balance between Food and Fibre Production and the Environment, OzWater, Adelaide, 10 May 2011, (Download PowerPoint, 2.1 MB)

Recent Publications  More publications

  • McColl, J. and Young, M. (2006) Drought and Structural Adjustment. Farm Policy Journal 3(2):13-21.
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  • Dovers, S.; Stern, D.I. and Young, M.D. (2003) New dimensions in ecological economics: Integrated approaches to people and nature. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  •  More Books

  • Young, M.D and Hatton MacDonald, D. (2006) How should we discount the future? An environmental perspective. In David J. Pannell and Steven G.M. Schilizzi (eds) "Economics and the future: Time and Discounting in Private and Public Decision Making. Edward Elgar.
  •  More Book Chapters

  • Young, M.D. (2010) Environmental Effectiveness and Economic Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture: The Experience of and Lessons from the Australian Water Reform Programme. OECD, Paris.
  •  More Reports

  • Qureshi, M.E.; Proctor, W, and Young, M. ( 2005) Economic impacts of water resources management in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia. Paper presented to the XII World Water Congress "Water for Sustainable Development - Towards Innovative Solutions" 22-25 November 2005, New Delhi, India.
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